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International Marketing

Scottish seafish stands for high quality and responsible fishing.

As one of Scotland's leading responsible fishing companies, Caley Fisheries has earned a reputation for providing international customers with a dependable supply of prime quality sustainable Scottish seafish from our crystal clear waters. Our factory provides primary processing of all species within minutes of landing in port, so we can assure customers of the freshest taste in wholesome Scottish seafood.

Caley Fisheries in a member of the Responsible Fishing Scheme

Whilst traditionally Scottish Mackerel and Herring have been the main volumes of seafish supplied by Caley, demand for sustainable supplies of Cod, Haddock, Hake, Monkfish, Silver Smelt and Horse Mackerel has grown in international markets.

Most species are available fresh or frozen, processed to customer specifications. Caley's seamless supply chain ensures dependable quality, from directly-landed fresh catches, through rapid hygienic processing at Caley's factories, to global distribution.

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